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LA-Streetball.com - Air Jordan III adalah salah satu  sneakers paling influential di dunia basket. Sneakers legend yang dipake Michael Jordan waktu menangin regular season MVP, All-Star Game MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, dan Dunk Contest di season 1987-88.



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Dibalik legend-nya Air Jordan III, tentu ada peran dari desainernya yang kerja keras banget. Dia itu adalah Tinker Hatfield. Di beberapa kesempatan, Hatfield sering cerita gimana Air Jordan III dibuat dan bisa eksis banget kayak gitu.

Waktu diwawancara di Netflix's Abstract: The Art of Design, Hatfield cerita “He was unhappy with some of his early shoes and was getting close to leaving. It was six months behind schedule by the time it was even given to me. It had to be another hurry-up. No sleep for weeks and months. We were going to have a big meeting with Michael Jordan, Phil Knight, myself, the head of Sports Marketing, both of Michael’s parents. Michael didn’t show up for four hours. Ultimately, Michael shows up. He was kind of in a bad mood, came in and just said, What do you got?"


Kemudian Hatfield nunjukin Air Jordan III, dengan aksen yang Jordan belum pernah liat sebelumnya. “When he told me about the leather and the elephant print, he kind of won me over,” kata Michael Jordan.




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“There were a number of things that were never done in basketball shoes [on the III], one was that it was a midcut silhouette. It was a lighter weight construction without so much heavy, rubbery stuff all over it. That was really different. Michael Jordan specifically asked for a midcut basketball shoe. They didn’t really exist at the time" lanjut Hatfield.

Air Jordan III emang sneakers authentic pertama yang nyaman, keren, dan iconic. Mau lo pake on atau off the court, tetep aja keren dan desainnya yang everlasting. Setuju gak ballers?

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